Deeptech VLF – RG750 Metal Detector

Deeptech VLF – RG750 Metal Detector


DeepTech's detector RG750 is the first from Vista series VLF metal detectors you can own! RG750 is discriminating motion detector. The standard-diameter 11" searchcoil accompanying your RG750 metal detector will give you good results. We made tests and video clips especially for you, our clients, to obtain real idea for this VLF detector's work. For this testwere used the following targets:

For this testwere used the following targets:

  • antique silver coin 10 mm;
  • bulgarian coin 18 mm;
  • bulgarian coin 20 mm;
  • antique bronze coin 30 mm Sesterzia;
  • screw cap D-28mm/h=14mm;
  • alluminium disk 80 mm;

Vista RG 750 has the following specifications:

8.6 kHz
Operating frequency
type of detector Motion modes * with the possibility of rejection of iron, "hot rocks" and mineralized soil, all metal sensitivity control *
type of the search antenna
size of the search antenna
11 "
Cable Length (approx.)
53 "(135 cm)
Audio Frequency
560 Hz
weight of the device including the antenna and without the battery (approx.)
1220 g.
consumption * without sound
37 mA; type * battery - rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery 1.3 Ah
battery life
40-44 hours
LED control status of the battery, charging time * (with empty battery)
up to 6 hours
input voltage adapter
100/240V 50-60Hz/AC
Output voltage adapter
6/14 VDC ... 500 milliamperes
optimum temperature
10-40 C
optimum humidity
0 to 75% RH