DRS FX 3000

DRS FX 3000 German Technology Coin Hunter Detector



Specifically prepared for treasure hunters, adventurers, hunters and explorers with superior German technology.

45-50 cm depth for 1 Euro with FX 3000 coin hunter. You can perform practical and fast searches with this magnificent system. You will not miss any detail underground. Totally designed for small objects gold-gram nuggets. Perfect detection with perfect precision in toughest terrains or most mineralled soils. An ideal detector for professionals or beginners, has deep and perfect metal identification capability. A detector specifically designed for coin hunters with deepest detection with the best metal discrimination in its category.


Up to now, you were looking for a coin hunter detector with deep and perfect metal identification. FX 3000 was designed specifically for you. It is designed specifically for small objects. Prepared for running in toughest terrain conditions. Has automatic soil adjustment. Fit for long searches, light and ergonomic. The world’s most effective coin hunting detector. Pros Easy to use. Start and go. Allows automatic and manual ground adjustment. Not affected by mineral structures. Ideal for professionals or beginners. Open and use your detector. No ground adjustment.

Perfect metal discrimination

Stop spending time, money and effort, thanks to the perfect metal identification feature. The age of digging for worthless objects and worthless metal waste is over. You will not miss valuable objects.

 Adjustable static and mineral elimination

Get rid of electromagnetic pollution and noise with a single button. Detect all targets missed by other detectors easily on mineral soils.


Advanced depth

Search deeper. Discover coins, jewelry and treasures from much deeper. Ergonomic shaft.The detector’s length can be adjusted for comfortable detecting for all the family. Light, practical, effective

Voice Processing

Identification with distinguishing sounds. Valuable, worthless. Two different coils. Control depths with small and medium coils. Everything is up to you.

Waterproof coils

The adventure is just starting with waterproof coils.