Create 2D & 3D target images

Icon DATA can be used with all deep pulse induction & "2 box" metal detectors, to create target images in 2D and 3D.Now with the icon DATA these metal detectors can be updated with imaging - to match geophysical units, costing several thousand Euros more!.

Icon DATA is more than a data logger: is a real time imager and in site target analysis device. Our customers complain that the available data loggers on the market are expensive and do not display the images in real time. One has to scan the field first, and then connect the data logger to a PC to see the results. Our icon DATA displays the target image immediately while the user operates the metal detector as he normally does, while he swing the coil, the image appears. No complex controls and no time wasted.

Operation of the icon DATA is simple, the device connects to the headphones jack of the metal detector, and clips at your belt. It processes hundreds metal detector signals every second, and displays the image using the supplied software on your laptop or a tablet PC with preinstalled the icon DATA software, which can be ordered with the icon DATA.

In fact the icon DATA is so sensitive, so that it can visualize ground anomalies like voids, dug ground and buried foundations.All these structures interfere with the tuning sound of the metal detector and create weak noise signals that are ignored by the detector speaker and the human ear. The icon DATA amplifies these signals. Then it is the user decision to select if he wishes to see the metal targets only, or the ground anomalies also - using the ground filters on the software screen.The user has full control of the scan, the data collection mode can be automatic for flat ground surface that can maintain a steady pace or manual for uneven surface, set the grid size of the area on screen (steps and sweep lines), the graphic mode, the coloring, target depth calculation, edit the graph, save or export the image in various formats. After set-up the icon DATA guides the user with voice commands to start, step and turn, it can be paused or start again anytime.

It even has a replay mode of the actual scan just like it had taken place.

icon DATA compatibility:

Operates with all non-motion, pulse induction (frame and round coil), 2 box metal detectors (for example Deepmax X3,X5, Pulse star II, CS 9000 HPX, TM 808 and Gemini - to name a few!)

Selectable sweep direction:

Left to right or right to left to be used when scanning using small round coils. Step by step in parallel sweep lines when using large frame coils

Computer controlled data collection

Automatic Mode: Readings are captured automatically at intervals selectable from 1/sec to 100/sec Manual Mode: Manual captures. Real time data graphics for both modes

Data Points:

10.000 scans per survey, ability to store unlimited data files on hard disk

Data point density:

Dependent on step-length, distance between measured profiles and detector head used -from 10 cm to 1 m


10 Bit/5V

Ambient temperature:

5 ~ 55 C

Data processing:

On site real time 2D and 3D presentations, target depth, interpretation, filtering, modelling, replay, exporting to bmp, jpg, metafile, png and data file formats, printing


English, Greek, Turkish, Farsi
State detector model when ordering icon DATA! 2 types available. icon DATA"A" for detectors with VCO: Pulse induction, Gemini III, White's XLT, DFX etc. icon DATA"B" detectors without VCO: C.SCOPE 9000, TM808, TF900, Garrett GTI 2500