New for 2009 - The most advanced long range locator on the world

Digital Frequency Synthesis:

scans for gold, silver, copper, bronze, iron, lead, aluminium, diamonds, water, void & other elements. User can fine adjust the frequency at 1Hz steps.

Digital Ground Balance:

to analyse whatever ground conditions and automatically select and visualize the appropriate waveform to avoid false readings from minerals.

Automatic Power On to the ground (A.P.O):

On SPECTRA there is no “POWER ON” key. SPECTRA makes a check to the ground conditions, and will turn on automatically only in good conductive ground,that absorbs the signal. SPECTRA needs not any probes, cables, filters, external battery: It is a compact design easy to handle. It detects to all directions. The signal transmits in a 360 degrees radius, the user is not limited in one direction.


Analyzing the ground


Ground identification number

Ôhe “GROUND BALANCING” function. SPECTRA analyses both the soil mineral content & level of wetness, the result appears as GROUND VALUE identification number, on a scale 00 to 99. This identification number informs the user of the ground type to be scanned.

The advertised long range locators on the market, are nothing else than frequency generators, simple constructions that are not specialized for ground use.

Soils have varying combinations of moisture and minerals. Operating a frequency generator, it’s signal is transmitted on conductive ground but will not penetrate at all on loose ground, or on high mineralized soils user receives false target indications.

The DGB - digital ground balancing feature, was developed for SPECTRA for reliable target indication, to maintain maximum range and stable operation regardless of the ground type. Even further the "SPECTRA track" system, completes the ground balancing accurately,by selecting variable waveforms on the transmit frequency to match the soil.


Setting the frequency mode using the arrow keys


Waiting to load the frequency to the ground


Ready to search for the selected element

Select the metal mode and an on screen counter informs when the SPECTRA signal has put enough energy to the ground to start scanning the target. When the counter stops the electromagnetic field is strong enough and the message “START SCANNING” alerts the operator to pinpoint the target, All other metallic objects in the area are eliminated from SPECTRA, and the desired element absorbed enough energy to make it visible.







Examples of automatic signal selections due to different soil conditions
“whatever the ground SPECTRA can handle it, no matter the minerals”

SPECTRA features a worldwide cutting edge technology invention:
DFS “Digital Frequency Synthesis”. The only long range locator on the market with signal output from a DSP microprocessor,
which is fast enough to run 40 million instructions per second, performing corrections to frequency accuracy automatically.

Every metal has its own specific molecular frequency, up to present long range locators were unable to maintain signal stability enough to make visible only the desired target,
faults where common practice from minerals and “ghost” targets due to solar and magnetic storms.


The “DSP inside” our SPECTRA does it all: it makes millions automatic corrections to the output frequency when it operates, to match the metal programmed, and produces a signal accurate to 0,1 Hz. The result? only the selected metal is stimulated and no faults.



  • 16 bit processor 40 MIPS speed – 160 Mhz clock
  • 32 bit DDS synthesizer chip to output waveforms
  • Digital frequency synthesis x 20 PLL automatic frequency stabilizer at 0.1 Hz
  • Programmes for gold, silver, copper, bronze, lead, iron, aluminium, diamonds, water, void & free mode
  • Manual frequency selections at 1Hz intervals
  • Dot Matrix L.C.D 64 x 128 pixel resolution & 8 level backlight
  • 80 mA battery consumption / 180 mA at full backlight. Constant battery condition indication
  • “APO” - Automatic power on to conductive ground
  • “DGB” – Digital ground balance to cancel interference of ground minerals
  • Soil mineral content indication scale 00 – 99 & icon
  • “SPECTRA track” – Variable waveform according to the ground type
  • “SPECTRA graph” – Real time waveform animation
  • On screen counter for signal inductance, alerts to start scanning when the energy field is strong enough
  • BNC ground probe and main unit in one piece – no cables - compact design
  • Unit rotates 360 degrees for easy viewing of screen
  • Tactile keys & sound indication
  • “WCC” - Signal receiver with target Weight Check Control, power amplifier & “L” rods
  • Receiver antennas do not suffer from oxidation due to human skin PH
  • Distance up to 1600 m. range. Depth 7 m.