Indispensable for gold and treasure hunters

GOLD SCAN - the first metal detector, which is connected to a PC !
GOLD SCAN is a high-tech product - the combination of metal detector and computer.

Conventional metal detectors which are not equipped with PC and software will only locate the metal objects, but they are not able to deliver further informations about the detection. By using the powerful computer you'll not only detect the findings but you'll also gain important facts about the object like size, type and shape. This evidence is undoubtedly very useful for gold and treasure hunters, archaeologists, commerce and industry.
The maximum search depth of GOLD SCAN is approx. 5 meters.
During the search the electronic unit with leather bag is carried with a shoulder belt.

At the beginning the metal is found without PC-application and is discriminated on the digital display.

light metals approx. 20
copper approx. 40
gold approx. 100 and higher
After that the electronic unit is connected to the PC and the find spot is scanned.

Electronic unit


GOLD SCAN is equipped with an accessory electronic (developed by KTS-Electronic), which transfers data of existing metals to the PC. In the PC the data is processed through the software (KTS-online) and will be presented on the monitor in 3D.


The GOLD SCAN has two different program modules:

  • Recording process The received data is visualized in different colors.
  • KTS-2D and 3D programm The figures of the discovered objects are presented in 2D and 3D.

The entire software is pre-installed on our additionally available PC; for customers who wish to use their own laptop or PC we deliver an USB stick, which makes the software-transfer fast and simple.


Mobile quick-charger

The strong pulse power is guaranteed through the built-in 2800 mAh lithium-ion accu, which is fully loaded within 2 hours via lithium battery charger. The running time amounts to 4-8 hours, depending on coil size and usage of headphones. The red light diode shows the beginning of the charging process, the green light diode indicates the end. After every charging process the connecting cable for the battery charger should be removed.

Charger and mobile power inverter


Search coils

25 cm search coil:
to locate small items

45 cm search coil:
to locate small and medium-sized objects


Cylindric search coil (also available):

5 cm diameter x 20 cm - with 5 or 10 m cable for

searching in wells and narrow cavities


1 x 1m search frame - eightfold demountable:

For the search after large objects, which are

suspected in a large-scale area.