KTS GPA DUO XL - 2 in 1

The newly developed GPA Duo XL is a combination of GPA and pulse induction technology, which is installed in a handy box.

To measure ground anomalies the GPA probe first of all has to be connected to the device. These anomalies - caused by metals, other objects or narrow spaces - will be shown on the display. Afterwards the pulse induction coil is connected to detect and to discriminate the metals.


The electronic unit is made up of 2 segments, which are operated separately:

The control system of the Ground Penetrating Analyzer (GPA) is adjusted on the left side. Via Bluetooth (wireless) this element is connected to the computer. All changes of ground anomalies up to a maximum depth of 10 Meters can be indicated. This will be carried out via integrated software in 2D resp. 3D presentation in 5 colors.

The right element is similar to the construction of the gold detector with its high performance in pulse induction technology and its metal discrimination through sound and readout.

The combined display serves both search systems. While one search system is in use the other should not be in operation.

GPA probe


The highly sensitive sensors originally were developed for the shipping industry to measure smallest anomalies with automatic calibration. The probe is carried with a special carbon bar which can easily be adjusted. It is 48cm long and with only 300 grams very light.

Gold detector coil

25 cm coil

For exceedingly small metals as well as for large objects this waterproof 25cm coil can be operated without additional calibration.


Search frame


The 1x1 m search frame is used for the search after huge objects and for a faster scanning of larger areas.



Scope of Delivery:

Hardware :

  • GPA DUO XL electronic unit with Bluetooth, incl. installed lithium-ion accumulator and shoulder strap
  • GPA-probe 48 cm long (18.89") incl. 2-piece carbon telescope bar)
  • Gold detector search coil  25cm (9.84") incl. 2-piece carbon telescope bar
  • Gold detector search frame 1 x 1 m (39.37" x 39.37"), 8-fold demountable (incl. bag)
  • Ultra Mobile Netbook PC 10,1" with pre-installed software incl. lithium-ionic accumulator
  • Powerful fast battery charger with power inverter, car-loading cable and 110 V adapter
  • Solid hard-top case

Software :

  • GPA KTS 3D software with 5 basic colors (pre-installed on PC)
  • USB stick with software for processing data on other computers


  • English, German, French and Spanish user's manual
  • 2 year manufactuer's warranty for the entire scope of delivery (including hardware and software)