KTS Pulse AR II Induction Detector

KTS Pulse AR II Induction Detector

A compact pulse induction detector for amateur and professional searchers.

Outstanding search performance due to pulse induction technology, uncomplicated handling and a low weight makes the PULSE AR II essential for amateurs, professionals and public authorities to search for small and large metal objects. The detector is most efficient to locate precious metals (gold, silver, platinum).

The demountable low weight aluminum bar, the open coil and the portable electronic unit, which can be carried around the neck as well as on the belt, allows an effortless search and enables a fast and easy exploration of large areas.

Due to the discrimination search mode an optical and acoustical metal discrimination is possible. Various metals will be signalized in diverse tones and conductivity values.

Electronic unit

The handling of the PULSE AR II is really uncomplicated, experience or practice are not necessary. The electronic unit is embedded in a solid high-quality box. The picture below shows the front with 4 operation elements and the analog display.


MODE: The MODE adjusting knob can be switched to 4 different positions:

  • OFF: The equipment is switched off
  • BATT.: Scale to control the battery condition. The battery is charged if the needle points to 100 or higher.
  • MET.: This search mode shows all metals without discrimination. Here the metals will not be tested for their conductivity. Without discrimination they will be shown acoustically and optically through needle deflection. This has the advantage that the search will be carried out with the highest sensitivity. At the same time a depth measurement takes place which is visualized by needle deflection. The shorter the needle deflects, the deeper the metal is located. Furthermore shape and size of the located object can be determined through needle deflection.
  • DISC: In this search mode the frequency discriminator comes into operation. Thereby an optical and acoustical metal discrimination takes place. The different metals will be signalized through varying tones and conductivity values.

AUDIO: Volume control

FREQ: Frequency setting controller - the smaller the object you are searching for, the smoother the adjustment must be.

RESET: Automatic zero balance. By pressing the RESET-button the device will be adjusted unto the particular soil.

Size of object Cylindric probe 25 cm coil 45 cm coil 1 x 1 m coil
Coin 8 cm 35 cm 40 cm -*
10 x 10 cm 30 cm 60 cm 70 cm 90 cm
25 x 25 cm 60 cm 90 cm 110 cm 170 cm
metal box 40 x 30 x 25 cm 75 cm 110 cm 140 cm 250 cm
maximum search depth 110 cm 200 cm 240 cm 320 cm
  • With * marked values are beyond detection range of this probe.
  • All depth specifications were made with iron objects in air environment.
  • With the 25 cm and 45 cm search coils you can also locate smaller metallic items, i.e. coins, depending on their size up to a depth of over 40 cm.
  • For metal objects, which were buried over a longer time, the depth activity raises by 20%.
  • The smaller search coil is designed for an effortless discovery of vertically located items by operating with the search coil's center, while horizontally buried objects are found easier with the edge of the coil.


For the PULSE AR II we offer various waterproof search coils, which easily can be cable-connected without any adjustment on the electronic unit.

The use of the adequate search coil (25 cm or 45 cm) enables the location of small and medium-sized objects. To reach the optimal search depth it is recommendable to adapt the search coil to the respective size of the object.

45 cm opened search coil

for searching small and medium-sized
Cylindric probe

45 cm x 25 cmwith 5 or 10 m cable
for searching in wells and closed cavities.

Universal Search Loop, 8m/26 ft


Will be delivered without frame and can be used multifunctional. Furthermore it is compact, effortless to carry and easy to disconnect. Due to the pulse induction-technology the 8 m – cables can be cable-connected without any problem to different kinds of searching coils.

1 m x 1 m (40") coil with 8 tubes

This form of the coil is a compensation coil, which is used for magnetic fields to disable errors without decrease of the searching activity. In specific areas magnetic fields can arise from pylons, which mostly can be neutralized by using this probe.

Rechargeable battery 2000 mAh