KTS PULSE AR III Metal Detector

KTS PULSE AR III Metal Detector

Professional metal detector with metal discrimination and a detection depth of approx. 6 meters (20 feet). Pulse induction device with microprocessor-controlled metal type indication - appropriate for the search for gold and precious metals (silver, platinum)!

Pulse AR III has decisive advantages in comparison to conventional metal detectors:

  • pulse induction technology with metal discrimination
  • undisturbed search in mineralized grounds and salt water
  • 5 different search coils (depending on equipment version) with auto calibration
  • high sensitive reaction to gold and other precious metals
  • convenient search and easy handling

More than 6.00m (20 feet) depth performance:

Only with our big search coil (1x1 search frame) and pulse induction technic it is possible to locate larger objects in a depth of more than 6.00m. In comparison, conventional detectors only allow a search depth of at most 2.00m

Spacious search areas:

Solely the search frame (pulse induction technic) enables a comfortable and swiftly exploration of large areas. Example: the scanning of a surface area the size of a football pitch will only take 3-4 hours, while the search with a conventional device would take several weeks.


Undisturbed searching:

Most of the mineralized grounds contain stones with metallic characteristics which therefore are shown as metal objects by the majority of detectors. These grounds and salt water are no problem for PULSE AR III - with the Reset-button (automatic zero balance) most of the disturbing mineralized stones (which can lead to errors) will be neutralized.

Metal discrimination for medium-sized and large objects:

The PULSE AR III can identify metallic objects starting at a size of 5x5cm (conventional metal detectors can only differentiate very small metallic items). In practice, the expenditure of work is minimized since large cavernous metal objects can be identified.


Automatic adjustment:

PULSE III works with a variable search frequency between 1200-1600 Hz, therefore the application of all search coils is uncomplicated. The various search coils for the PULSE AR III can easily be cable-connected to the electric unit, because a special switching mechanism controls the coil electricity and adjusts the adequate search frequency automatically.

The PULSE AR III is constructed for the search after large, low lying metallic items. It is applicable for locating metal objects in large areas at greater depths. Simultaneously you avoid the discovery of dispensable parts such as rusty nails or lids.

To discriminate various kinds of metals the PULSE AR III is equipped with a microprocessor-controlled conductibility registration, so that metals like iron, gold and silver can be separated from each other and visualized on the display.

Electronic unit

The usage of PULSE AR III is really easy, you can handle it without the necessity of experience or training. The electronic unit is installed in a high-quality rugged box. The forefront shows the 4 appliance elements with the analogue display.

(1) MODE = The MODE adjusting knob can be switched into 4 different positions:
OFF = The device is switched off
BATT.= Battery check-up – accumulator battery-condition
ALLM. = All-metals search mode without discrimination of metal kinds
DISC = Discriminator – search mode with discrimination of metal kinds
(2) RESET = Automatic zero balance through Reset-button
(3) FREQ. = Fine tuning for a solid control sound
(4) VOLUME = Volume control
(5) Right-hand LED = The right-hand LED serves the purpose of discrimination in DISC mode; the LED flashes when the optical indicator appears in the ALLM and DISC mode. The left-hand diode reflects the frequency pulse.

Examples of differential conductivity values:

light metals (e.g. aluminum) 20
copper 40
gold, silver, platinum 100 and over

Search Coils

For the PULSE AR III we offer different waterproof search coils, which can be cable-connected to the electronic unit easily. An additional adjustment is not necessary.

Using the appropriate search coils (25cm or 45cm) small and medium-sized objects can be located. To obtain an optimal search depth the adequate search coil should be aligned to the object's size.

25cm search coil
The 25cm search coil is the standard tube of PULSE AR III and is particularly suitable for the search after small metal objects
45cm search coil
Very convenient for the search after small, medium-sized and large metal objects. Furthermore it has the benefit of a speedy uninterrupted search process
Cylindric coil
Through its dimensions of 5x20cm appropriate for the search in wells, narrow excavations and underwater. At the same time it can be helpful to find micro-objects.


Preferably used for the deep sounding after medium-sized and large metal objects.

This form of coil is a compensation coil, which is used for magnetic fields to disable errors without decreasing the searching activity. In specific areas magnetic fields can arise from pylons, which mostly will be neutralized by using this probe.

During the search you should hold the search coil between 20 to 50cm over the ground. The higher the distance to the soil the less small and medium-sized metal objects are displayed.


1 x 1 m (40 ") coil 8-fold demountable incl. solid case with padding

Within 2-3 hours you can fully load your 2400 mA NiMH accumulator from the net or car (cigarette lighter). The red light emitting diode shows the loading procedure, the green light emitting diode indicates a fully loaded accumulator.


Additional accessory

  • 2 x 2 m cable coil (without frame)
  • Power Lithium-Ionen-Accu