Rex Land Craft Pulse Induction Metal Detector

Rex Land Craft Pulse Induction Metal Detector

New High Technology Pulse Indection Detector


REX “Land Craft” is an impulse metal detector with LCD display, digital and graphical presenting of the level of signal and parameters of discrimination and working regimes, such as state of temperature of the battery.

REX Land Craft characteristics:

  • Full microprocessor control that assures stable work in every soil conditions
  • Full automatic balance to earth conditions, remembering and adapting to the level and parameters of soil and eliminating of the common signal.
  • Two ID indications for the characteristics of the found metal – non-ferrous metal properties and magnetism.
  • Discrimination modes – “Normal discrimination” – for normal soils and 8 modes “Auto discrimination” for highly mineralized soils with the capacity to change its range in wide limits and outside noises, also for accept / reject of metal objects.
  • Ability to store and completely eliminate strongly mineralized soils, heavy soils, active ceramics and slag.
  • Unique ability to find non-ferrous metal among iron objects or under active ceramics and heavy soils.
  • Ability to eliminate completely undesired objects.
  • Ability to store a certain type of metal and to find only this metal and exclude the rest.
  • Eliminating the influence of earth magnetic field and bringing it out of the common signal.

All these advantages allow REX “Land Craft” to be used for working in every condition including heavy mineralized and dirty soils! REX “Land Craft” can work with searching frames 1×1 m, 1,20×1,20м., 2x2m, with round coil 36 cm with handle and 22x32cm. with handle.