SSI AML (All Materials Locator) Pipe & Cable Locator

SSI AML (All Materials Locator) Pipe & Cable Locator

Find Buried PVC Pipes using Patented Technology

The AML is a revolutionary, patented scientific instrument that will change the way you locate PVC pipes and PE Pipes. It will also locate nearly any subsurface material with an edge including plastic, metal, wood, cable and concrete.

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The All Materials Locator

The AML is a highly-sensitive tool that utilizes advanced, ultra-high microwave frequencies to locate buried PVC pipe. It utilizes technology that was originally developed for lunar exploration. Unlike the deficiencies of GPR (or Ground Penetrating Radar), the AML will function in clay, wet soil, snow or standing water without the need for a separate transmitter and receiver, wires, clips or clamps. Designed specifically for the needs of the utility, water, gas and cable industries, the AML’s lightweight, patented technology locates more, faster while increasing accuracy.

How Does It Find PVC Pipe?

Understanding ULTRA-HIGH frequency MICROWAVES

The key to how the AML detects PVC pipes and to identifying the size or length of a pipe is to understand how its ground-penetrating radio frequency detects buried plastic and other objects.

First, sweep the area of interest in a back and forth "W" action, completely scanning the area for buried PVC pipes. The left or right target indicator will activate, with an audio tone and laser marker, when a pipe is detected.

While the left or right target indicator is activated, rotate the AML in parallel with the PVC pipe. Both the left and right LED target indicators will light simultaneously when the unit is in parallel and in alignment with the pipe.

Pivot the AML until it is perpendicular to the ground and directly above the area reflecting the signal. You can now scan the ground in parallel for the entire length of the PVC pipe, marking its location and run direction as you track the pipe.

Technical specifications

Product Information

Physical Dimensions     Includes
Height11"     (1) AML Unit
Length14"     (2) Battery Packs
Width6"     (1) Foam Insulated Hard Case
Weight2.0 lbs.     (1) User's Guide
Single Hand Operations     (1) Training Video
    (1) Removable Lanyard
Power Specifications     Shipping Dimensions
Battery(3) 9 Volt Alkalines     Cube19"l x 15"w x8"h
Transmitter Frequency2.45 GHz     Weight14lbs