Water Finder WF - 202 Pro

Water Finder WF - 202 Pro


Water Finder WF - 202 Pro Advanced electronic product, works by the Remote Sensing system, on the property of transmitter and receiver.

The Apparatus Sends a Geo electric waves (high frequency), sending these waves by connecting the master device with the ground, to detect the ground water and artesian, determines the gathering point of water and allows the user to carry out a quick and easy for researching process of groundwater finding.

The WATER FINDER (WF -202 PRO) specialists in searching of underground water within the large distances and mainly helps the mining companies which is looking for water's wells.

Technical specifications

The following technical indications are medial values. During operation small variations are quite possible.

Control unit

Works with the graphics LCD screen 128X64.
Control Panel Keys easy to use.
Specialist for detecting the groundwater only.
Device Software contains with several programs lists , appear in the screen to set up the device to search.
Language List: English, French, German, Turkish, Persian, Arabic.
Depth List to determine the level of Search depth:50m–100m–150m–250m–350m–450 m.
Distance List to determine the level of Search distance: 250 m - 500 m - 1000m - 2000m.
Finding the natural underground water.
Find mode list for ground water.
Finding the fresh and the Drinkable water
Detecting the main assembly of the water
Assists mainly in the water wells drilling
The device works on a 12-volt battery (Rechargeable) enables it to work for 12 hours.
Battery power level indicator (shown on the screen)
Digital Signal Processing System (DSP)
Automatic work in all soil conditions.
Ground Waves Sender supporting.
Receive device equipped with audio tracking.
An additional Receive device, works on a property advanced receiving antennas.
Equipped with filtration system for filtering the receiving and transmitters signals automatically.
The results of detection within one minute only.
Locate the Water target accurately.
Determine the level of water presence is an approximation.
Operating temperature from -10 ° C to 40 ° C
Can be stored at a temperature of - 15 ° C to 40 ° C
Can be stored and work in an average level of air humidity 5 to 75 Percent.
Easy to work and use anyone can use.
Weight of the control unit is the 1 k g only.
Full weight of the receiver device is 300 g only.

Product Accessories

The main control unit
Ground Probes supported
Audio tracking device
Receiver device + 2 receiving antennas
12-volt battery, rechargeable
Electrical charger 12-volt
Two year Guarantee
Carrying Case
User manual