Real Gold AKS

The best TR-LR detector in the world

It is time to get to know the long range TR detector capable of identifying gold, silver, metals, diamonds, burial caves and cavities.

GOLD AKS, which are classified and located in the United States in Texas and Israel in Silicon Valley, developed for four decades the technology of search and differentiation, based on ion technology emitted from magnetic fields buried in the ground.

An important part is the antennas that recognize the waves of ions emitted from the ground because of a form that has a magnetic field with anti-static waves. This is when the antenna turns on and receives the waves back from its initial broadcast. When the antennas warn about identification, this identification is certain.

A valuable and important part of our product is of course the mother board, which is encrypted in this panel and the formula for our unique algorithm developed over decades. This algorithm is the secret of our success.


Introduce The Original Best Long Range Detector for Gold

The most advanced device in the world – now at unprecedented prices to the general public. AKS Labs, which has been developing electronic warfare for several decades, focuses on the discovery of distance and depth that has not yet been seen in the field, achieving maximum speed for spot detection and results, and of course maximum accuracy of 100% accuracy for the target. Additional capabilities are the same as the extraordinary capabilities of our small filter unit device which can filter rocks, stones, iron, mineral soil, salt soil, and so on. A filter with a filtration range of up to 100% success rate.

(P6FE1M) Algorithm

Processing Six Frequencies Every One Milli-second


Laser Distance Sensor (LDS)

Intelligent scanning for high efficiency

Allows the device to scan its surroungings at 360 degrees, 3600 times per second

A small peek at our engineering table that is currently developing the next generation of devices


Safety while charging

Be careful when using the charger. Read the exact usage instructions
listed in the User Manual To ensure that you do not exceed the
charging times.


Use authorized areas

Our obligation to inform and recommend you to search areas. Since
this is a site serving all customers on the web, we generally refer
to this topic. Each country has its own laws, laws relating to the
legality of the search for natural resources, lost treasures, antiquity,
definition of what is considered antiques, prohibited areas for search
and areas to be searched, rules for finding and handling antiquities.
We encourage each of our clients to follow these instructions and
laws in their designated search area. In most countries there are no
exceptional restrictions on this issue, but we still want to bring this
matter to your attention. Hope you have good, satisfying searches.
The GOLDAKS team.


Search area boundaries

This is a very important issue. We recommend searching to focus on
a specific search area and know its limits. Our advanced device has
evacuation capabilities up to 5 kilometers. This is a great distance,
definitely the highest and most advanced detection and search
capability in the world, so you should be aware that you are not
invading areas that are privately owned and that limit borders. Of
course this is only our recommendation. Sure you'll find treasures,
the GOLDAKS team.


Search Name: 3D-DDT (LR-TR) Technology

Search System: microcomputer CPU control and reflection
conductivity and P6FE1M algorithm smart development.

Search Range: up to 5000M
Detecting Depth: up to 70M
Energy: 12V 1600mAh
Launch Frequency: 5.6-6KHz
Signal Frequency: 360-440Hz
Package Weight: 3 Kilogram
Detection Type: gold, silver, copper, precious stones.
Shell Material: Aluminium
Case Size: Approx.39x29x11.5 CM
Adapter Model: KDL-121000
Adapter Input: 100-240V
50-60Hz 0.3A
Adapter Output: 12V 1A
Working Temperature: 0°-40°
Case Material: ip66 plastic waterproof military type
Charging Methods:
This instrument has installed rechargeable batteries, charging
time 6-8 hours.

Products Dimensions

Finding a treasure in an ancient brick wall centuries ago – GOLDAKS GOLD DETECTOR

Underground Gold and Treasures Detector – GOLDAKS – Field Test Finds 2018

Check Originality

There are many rumors around the world about counterfeiting our advanced device. The whole world is trying to imitate our product development. What no one can imitate is our unique algorithm. Here you receive a warranty certificate including a unique number that you can tap on our website to find out the information about that device and thus make sure that the device in your possession is original and not fake.

Military Technology

Military technology approved for sale to the public. This technology has existed for many years and rumors about it have been spilled around the world. Everything you've seen so far is just a FAKE. Now the sale has been approved worldwide and you are about to discover the undisputed power of the most unique device in the world with the winning algorithm for finding buried metals, diamonds, burial spaces and reservoirs.


It is well known that a buried treasure, for example, buried gold for more than 10 years, emits ion particles into the air. This technology, with the help of the algorithm we have specially assembled, is reflected in our device. A combination of the forces of nature and science A combination of atom particles Magnetic fields Ion emitted into the air and static electricity. uniqe ionic technology combined with our one of a kind technology

A correct work instructions

No work during lightning and black sky

Do not work under anger and irritability and extreme emotion effects

Work will be performed by wearing clothes made of cotton only

Electric Devices
No working around electrical devices such as phones, Cell Phones, radios, etc.

Leather shoes
Strongly advised not to wear leather shoes when using the product

Body Language
Always be sure to Stand straight and back straight. This provision is very important for successful operation of the device


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