GSSI's Utility Scan Pro GPR

Industry Standard in GPR for Utility Mapping and Locating

With UtilityScan Pro, users can quickly identify and mark the position and depth of metallic and non-metallic objects; including utilities such as gas, communications and sewer lines as well as underground storage tanks and PVC pipes. Based on the SIR 4000 controller, the UtilityScan Pro provides the GPR professional with solutions to any underground locating situation.

Expect more from your GPR utility system

The UtilityScan Pro system provides a non-destructive means to accurately locate underground utilities and shallow geophysical characteristics.
  • Fully Customizable System
  • Users can customize the UtilityScan Pro with multiple antenna offerings and cart options. The tailored options provide survey flexibility, from smooth prepared surfaces to rugged terrain with our rugged four-wheel cart, and suit a number of utility locating applications.
  • Mark with Confidence
  • The UtilityScan Pro delivers exceptional data quality and is rugged enough to withstand the job site's toughest conditions. Locate subsurface utilities with confidence.
  • Data Visualization
  • The UtilityScan Pro system features our state-of-the-art SIR 4000 controller and can incorporate an optional AC power accessory. The SIR 4000 controller incorporates advanced display modes and filtering capabilities for in-the-field processing and imaging. The LineTrac accessory for digital antennas adds the ability to detect AC power and induced RF energy present in buried utilities.

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